Posada El Cuadrante | Cóbreces.Cantabria.Spain
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05 May Cóbreces.Cantabria.Spain

Cóbreces is a small village close to the sea and between Novales and Comillas. It can be seen from a distance from the surrounding countryside, mainly due to two religious buildings; the Monastery of Santa María de Viaceli and the church of San Pedro Advíncula  with its 30 metre high towers.The monastery was built in the early 20th century according the will of the last surviving member of the Quirós family, founding an abbey of Trappist monks, originally from France, who would teach agricultural techniques. The building is neogothic and is actually made of concrete. The monks now make and sell cheeses, chocolates, licquers and jams. Cóbreces also has the fine beach of Luaña, surrounded by green meadows and with two beach restaurants.