Posada El Cuadrante | Carmona, Cantabria
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05 Jun Carmona, Cantabria

This is one of the most emblematic and unspoilt of the villages of Cantabria, partly due to its remote position. It is a typical example of rural montañés architecture. Many of the houses are decorated with coats of arms and flower-bedecked balconies.

The largest building in the village is the Palacio de los Mier ( sometimes known as the Palacio de los Rubín de Celis ), an 18th century building of two squat towers, each with three floors. It is now known as the Venta de Carmona, a hotel owned by the local government, which is at present closed for repair.

The village has many other 17th century buildings. It is also possible to see albarcas , the local three-legged clogs, being made in the street. These are kept in the house doorways and are used with felt slippers inside, the ideal being to keep the feet out of the mud.