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31 May Our Posada on the Camino de Santiago

  Greetings from La Posada El Cuadrante to all  pilgrims who are doing the Camino. We are on the “ Northern Way” of the Camino de Santiago in the village of Somo, where pilgrims go to the pier , they take the  Regina´s boat  and in a...

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05 Feb Mogrovejo.Cantabria.Spain

  One of the more picturesque villages in the Picos. The village lies at the feet of the 13th century tower of Pedro Ruiz de Mogrovejo and contains many 17th and 18th century noble houses with coats of arms.  ...

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17 Abr Santa María de Lebeña.Cantabrian

This is a Mozarab church. The Mozarabs were Christians who lived under Mulin rule but kept their religion. Their architecture was of course influenced by that of the Muslims, and this can be seen in the horseshoe arches of the church. This particular church was...

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